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The Comfort & Care of Tampa Bay team is an important source of support for both the client and the family, providing care and comfort during times when it is most needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Palliative Care Mean

What is Palliative Care?

A patient with a serious or terminal illness, but who is not appropriate for hospice care, receives palliative care or transitional care to manage pain while he or she searches for a cure or receives additional therapies.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care aims to keep a patient comfortable at home, not improvement of the client’s condition or recovery. Those deemed to have fewer than six months to live can be considered for hospice care, which shifts the focus of their treatment away from the goal of curing their illnesses and toward maintaining their comfort.

Can a patient revoke and resume hospice care again?
There are people whose health improves.

Often, these are people who don’t want to give up on the possibility of further treatment or therapies.

Many of them just want to be comfortable but do not want to enter the hospice world.

Sometimes people are not satisfied with their hospice agency and may decide to choose another agency. Changing hospice providers doesn’t revoke hospice care. The equipment provided may need to be removed and reinstated by the new provider of your choice. It isn’t always transferable.

The patient can revoke or resume hospice care at any time and as many times as desired or needed.

What happens if you go to the hospital while in hospice care?
Hospice aims to provide comfort, not improvement or recovery, which is a hospital’s goal when they provide their services. When a patient is admitted into a hospital for treatment related to his/her hospice illness, he/she revokes their hospice care.
Can you go to the ER while in hospice care?
Hospice patients may go to ER to receive care for an injury or condition unrelated to their hospice diagnosis. For example, if a patient has a terminal diagnosis of cancer but falls and breaks a leg, he should go to the ER to be treated for the broken leg.

What Comfort & Care of Tampa Bay Can do to Help

There are a lot of great people with big hearts and lots of experience working in hospice. Primarily hospice agencies serve in an advisory role and from a distance, even in the final, intense days when family caregivers are often the ones providing most of the care.

It may take a toll on spouses, family members, and friends tasked with caring for their loved ones. Often family caregivers don’t feel comfortable managing medications or even being alone in those final moments.

For many families, making palliative or hospice care work at home means hiring extra help, so they feel more like devoted loved ones rather than tired nurses.

The area where Comfort & Care of Tampa Bay brings so much value is being a welcome relief, allowing the client and their family to make the most of their time together while our caregivers work alongside a hospice agency tending to the daily living needs and providing special care and supervision to ensure the client remains comfortable and dignified. Also, our caregiver’s presence helps the family avoid fatigue and loneliness which are often experienced during the end-of-life journey.

Our in-home care services can make a difference:

  • Daily monitor and document the client’s oxygen levels, food & fluid intake, blood pressure.
  • Assistance with medications.
  • Assistance with transfers and switching the position from side to side.
  • Assistance with peri-care, bowel and bladder elimination.
  • Assistance with sponge bath or bed bath.
  • Assistance to ensure the prevention of bedsores.
  • Supervision to prevent falls and ensure safety.
  • Keeping the client’s clothing and bedding clean.
  • Keeping the client’s room clean and orderly.
  • Provide comfort & companionship.

If you or your loved ones are in need of in-home care, contact us today.